Charles “Chick” Davis, started his entrepreneurial journey in 1984 in CT from his home.  He began working out of his family room with Eric, the youngest of four sons. Eric’s brothers, Scott, a hard working, hand drawing Draftsman & Jeffrey, a Professional Engineer also joined the team.  The family business at that time became Davis Surveying & Engineering, Inc. In 1990, Charles left CT and came to Cape Coral to work with his brother George who owned  Action Surveys in Lee County.  George Davis established Action Surveys in 1975. Charles acquired the business in 1992 and began doing business as Charles E. Davis Land Surveyor. Jeffrey, Eric and Scott continued to run the business in CT until it was sold to a larger company.  After the CT  business was sold Scott and Eric relocated to Cape Coral to work with their Father.  In December 2000, Charles incorporated the business as it is known today: Davis Surveying, Inc., himself as President and Eric as Vice President, both licensed surveyors with Eric having over 30 years of experience and Charles boasting over 60 years as a surveyor.

“Davis Surveying is a reliable & knowledgeable company and a pleasure to work with.  Whether I need a survey expedited or there are special instructions requested from a lender or purchaser, they are always extremely helpful, quick, and ensure that all details are completed properly and thoroughly.  The office staff is a delight to work with, respond promptly to any questions or concerns you may have, and are more than accommodating should you   require any modifications or changes to your order.   I would recommend them to agents and lenders alike.”   


Danielle Hess, Closing Agent -Schutt Law Firm, P.A. 

“I have worked with Davis Surveying for more than 20 years and they always meet or exceed my expectations.  Their attention to detail, prompt service and experience throughout Lee County makes Davis the obvious choice for all my Survey needs.”         


 Gina Noonan      

 Team Title  Insurance Agency

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